White Label Analytics
Are you planning to use a Piwik installation to host analytics for other users?

In less than 15 minutes you can deliver automatic and seamless deep Re-Branding of Piwik with the confidence that visitors will only see your brand.

This plugin provides complete and upgrade-friendly re-branding of Piwik to match your brand name.

Replace Piwik with your brand name throughout Piwik including

  • Login
  • Dashboards
  • All user interface pages
  • Tracking codes
  • Page source code views

The plugin is elegantly designed to work seamlessly with Piwik updates.

Version 1.2 was $799

For a limited time only $495



The plugin changes all mentions of Piwik to your brand. If you find Piwik displayed anywhere (excluding Piwki specific dashboard blocks) within 7 days of installing we will refund your purchase.


Piwik >= 2.0
PHP >= 5.4 (Piwik ends support for PHP 5.3 as of May 2015)
PHP Extension – UOPZ (User Operations for Zend)